We were at the forefront in the fight against austerity. We put people before numbers.

In response to the unnecessary harsh austerity measures and the absurd economic rigidity imposed by conservative forces in Europe, we obtained more flexible fiscal rules for countries in the Eurozone when for example strategic investment could be beneficial to their economy.

We were on the Greek people’s side when the conservative hawks wanted to kick Athens out of the Eurozone. By contributing to keeping Greece in the Eurozone, another, devastating crisis was avoided.

Good public investment is necessary for jobs and growth.

We pushed for the Commission’s Investment Plan for Europe that has already mobilised more than 300 billion euros and created thousands of jobs. The Investment Plan has been a first step in making the break from cuts.

We have achieved a lot in response to our calls for legislative proposals on boosting investment in low-carbon technologies, renewable energies and sustainable businesses, all of which work to reshape the economy in a socially and environmentally friendly way.

We have supported citizens affected by abusive financial practices, reacting positively to the needs of people made homeless, who still have to pay their mortgages, when so-called safe and reliable financial bodies fail.

Other achievements

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