Social Rights

Europe must rise to the challenge of a new era. Faced with growing inequalities and many changes, from globalisation and economic uncertainty to digitisation and new technologies, we must embrace new opportunities but defend our values. This means securing and updating fundamental social standards for everyone. The S&Ds have always fought for this and we’re leading the fight in the European Parliament to make it real – through a ‘European pillar of social rights’. We want to make sure this pillar is solid, with enforceable rights, fairer economic policies and properly funded public investments.

Fighting the pandemic together

The S&Ds launched an action plan to fight the Covid-19 pandemic on 25 March 2020. We are monitoring the situation continuously and stand ready to respond to the crisis with additional political demands and proposals as the situation evolves in the coming weeks and months.

Our European Green Deal

The European Parliament declared a climate emergency on 28th November 2019. Europe urgently needs a new sustainable economic model, which combines social and ecological progress, improves the well-being of people and leaves no one behind. This model must reflect the objectives of the Paris Agreement and of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our European Green Deal will put Europe on the path of long-term, sustainable growth and prosperity. It will ensure that our environmental policies plant inclusive seeds for social and economic change,  by decreasing social inequalities, reducing imbalances between bigger and smaller member states, getting rid of geographical disparities as well as disparities between women and men and between generations.  

A new economic model for a progressive Europe

Our priority is creating well-being for the many, not just profits for the greedy few. At the same time, we need to respect our planet’s limits.

Our fight is for sustainable equality in all its dimensions - social, economic, political and territorial.

Proud, resilient democracies and fundamental rights

We are committed to defending the rule of law and fundamental rights wherever needed - in our institutions, in the streets and online. Protecting the integrity of democracy is essential for us.

A progressive vision for migration and asylum

We need solidarity to deal with migration and refugee policy. We need to support an effective, humane and ordered border control. We have to support integration into host communities to celebrate the positive contribution that is made.

A partnership of trust between the EU and Africa

We are committed to a partnership on an equal footing with Africa. This partnership must be based on ownership, mutual respect and implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that both continents subscribed to.

The partnership between the EU and Africa is a political partnership rooted on constant dialogue and understanding the values of democracy, human rights and good governance in all dimensions of cooperation, including our continents’ trade relations.

Europe, strong in the world: the beating heart of decency and integrity

We want Europe to be more and more a force for peace. We need to be more actively engaged in promoting stability and democracy globally as the best way to protect citizens. Human rights, solidarity and democracy are the tools we use to achieve what we stand for.

Trade for the many, not the few

Trade is one of the many tools that we can use to raise social, labour and environmental standards worldwide. Trade must put people first.