A new economic model for a progressive Europe

Our priority is creating well-being for the many, not just profits for the greedy few. At the same time, we need to respect our planet’s limits.

Our fight is for sustainable equality in all its dimensions - social, economic, political and territorial.

A long term budget that will deliver just transition

We know that a strong Europe is only possible if the EU has enough resources to use them collectively, to build a better, fairer and cleaner future for our children.

We will prioritise investing in social inclusion, preserving our planet and the fight against inequalities of all kinds.

Proud, resilient democracies and fundamental rights

We are committed to defending the rule of law and fundamental rights wherever needed - in our institutions, in the streets and online. Protecting the integrity of democracy is essential for us.

A progressive vision for migration and asylum

We need solidarity to deal with migration and refugee policy. We need to support an effective, humane and ordered border control. We have to support integration into host communities to celebrate the positive contribution that is made.

A strong Europe needs strong common institutions and a strong civil society

To make our progressive vision for Europe a reality, we need to depend on fair, assertive, independent and common tools. In recent years, decisions that concern us all have been taken by a only few big member states. We need to bring the EU back to serious, democratic, collegial and balanced methods.

Involvement and participation from people are central to our vision. We need to re-build our alliances with trade unions, NGOs, organised citizens’ platforms, youth initiatives, and women’s platforms. We need to do this across the EU, including peripheries and rural areas. Consulting, informing and cooperating with civil society will always be at the core of what we stand for. Empowering people will turn the page.

A partnership of trust between the EU and Africa

We are committed to a partnership on an equal footing with Africa. This partnership must be based on ownership, mutual respect and implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that both continents subscribed to.

The partnership between the EU and Africa is a political partnership rooted on constant dialogue and understanding the values of democracy, human rights and good governance in all dimensions of cooperation, including our continents’ trade relations.

Europe, strong in the world: the beating heart of decency and integrity

We want Europe to be more and more a force for peace. We need to be more actively engaged in promoting stability and democracy globally as the best way to protect citizens. Human rights, solidarity and democracy are the tools we use to achieve what we stand for.

Trade for the many, not the few

Trade is one of the many tools that we can use to raise social, labour and environmental standards worldwide. Trade must put people first.