We are continuing to call the gender pay gap to be reduced. As a result of our calls, the Commission has produced an Action Plan on reducing the gender pay gap.

We stand against fighting sexism in public advertising and preventing and combatting mobbing and sexual harassment in the framework of #MeToo campaign. We have supported the protection of vulnerable groups of women such as refugees and asylum seekers, or victims of sexual abuse, trafficking and labour exploitation.

Furthermore, we have been instrumental in gathering majorities in the European Parliament to resolutely defend sexual reproductive health and rights, including access to safe and legal abortion. All in all, we have taken numerous initiatives to combat violence against women, and we have continuously called for a European child guarantee for children at risk of poverty, as we strongly believe that precarious families should no longer exist in our societies.

In the digital world, Internet accessibility for all is important. The Internet has revolutionized our way of life to such extent that being safe online can be considered as a means of social inclusion.

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