The S&D Group today backed a report that ensures that the EU's border management agency FRONTEX provide a mechanism for refugees to bring human rights abuses to attention.

The S&D Group co-ordinator for the report for the Civil Liberties Committee, Miriam Dalli MEP said:

"This report is a solid achievement for the S&D Group, as the Parliament backed our calls for stronger fundamental rights safeguards. We managed to ensure a complaints mechanism that guarantees that allegations of breaches of human rights are investigated in a transparent and accountable manner by obliging FRONTEX to report on these complaints in the their annual report. It also includes safeguards that offer the opportunity for individuals to bring justified complaints anonymously through third parties, without any fear of repercussions.
"Our message is clear: Human rights are non-negotiable. Striking the right balance between security and fundamental rights is essential. Now, it's up to the Commission to ensure that they include such a mechanism in their upcoming Border Guards Package." 
The S&D Group co-ordinator for the Petitions Committee, Edouard Martin MEP, added:

"The measures recommended in this report will help to improve transparency in Frontex activities and provide important protections for vulnerable groups; in particular there are specific provisions for pregnant women and unaccompanied minors. Frontex needs to deepen its cooperation with third countries and also with the Agency for Fundamental Rights and the European Office for Asylum Support and ensure that anyone is able to raise a complaint anonymously through a third party. Only by implementing these measures can we better protect vulnerable people reaching European shores."

MEPs involved

DALLI Miriam
Head of delegation

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