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A shared list of tax havens, sanctions for non-co-operative jurisdictions, protection for whistleblowers, sanctions against banks, law firms and tax advisers working for such non-co-operative jurisdictions, a binding law to prohibit the misuse of patent boxes... These are some of the new concrete proposals approved today by the European Parliament in order to fight tax avoidance by big multinationals. They are part of the recommendations of the special tax committee set up 18 months ago in the wake of the LuxLeaks scandal.

S&D Euro MP and co-author of the European Parliament's recommendations, Jeppe Kofod, said:

"Today we are sending a clear message to our citizens. The LuxLeaks and Panama Papers scandals won’t pass without a response and the tax evasion industry will not be able to continue business as usual. In fact, we are threatening to close down their business. With this new report the EU now has a clear roadmap to end harmful tax practices and deliver tax justice.

"If it wasn’t for Antoine Deltour, Raphaël Halet and Edouard Perrin, this report could not have been written. Now we are calling on the European Commission to act on legislation in order to protect whistleblowers like the 'Luxembourg Three'."

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