Following the cross-party agreement reached on electoral reform ahead of the October 2020 elections in Georgia, the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament congratulate both majority and opposition forces, and call on all political actors to continue the necessary reforms in the spirit of dialogue towards long-term political stability.

Sven Mikser, EP rapporteur on Georgia, said:

“I want to commend all political forces in Georgia on reaching the agreement which represents a crucial step, not only for free and fair parliamentary elections in 2020, but also towards the much needed political stability in Georgia. We encourage all political actors to maintain this spirit and continue working together on the translation of Sunday’s agreement into law as early as possible, as well as on implementation of the electoral reform. In light of the upcoming elections, it is also of crucial importance to guarantee equal access to media and pluralistic and non-discriminatory coverage of political views in public and private broadcasting programs.”

Kati Piri, S&D vice-president on foreign affairs, added:

“It is encouraging to see that in the agreement reached on Sunday, in addition to electoral reform, the main political parties agreed to refrain from actions that could be perceived as politicisation of Georgia’s judicial institutions, such as court cases against opposition politicians or judicial appointments raising questions. The rule of law and independence of judiciary are key for democracy to function properly. We call upon Georgia as an associated partner of the EU to uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity in its judiciary. People’s trust in the judicial system is crucial, not only for the political stability but also for social and economic prosperity of the country.

We also reiterate to the Georgian people that the EU has not forgotten what took place in 2008. We will never accept Russia’s continued occupation of 20 % of Georgian territory. The S&D Group fully supports Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders.”

Note to editors:

The political agreement reached on 8 March foresees that the parliament that will be re-elected in October 2020 shall consist of 120 members elected through the proportional system and 30 through majoritarian system. The electoral threshold for proportional elections shall be set at 1%, and a capping mechanism will define that no party with less than 40% of votes cast can receive majority of seats. Besides, the deviation of size of electoral districts shall be limited.

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