Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament are strongly committed to the transition to a low-carbon economy that will save money for citizens; will bring a new impulse to the EU’s industrial competitiveness; will contribute to curbing climate warming; and will improve human health.
Having the right CO2 targets for vehicles is fundamental for this shift. Yesterday evening, the parliamentary committee on the environment and public health backed a report drafted by S&D MEP Miriam Dalli, which calls for a binding target of 20% reduction of CO2 emissions from passenger and commercial light vehicles by 2025 and 45% by 2030.
The report also includes proposals to ensure fuel savings for consumers; to stimulate innovation and new technologies that will make it affordable to buy Zero and Low-Emission Vehicles (ZLEVs) in the coming years; the introduction of a real-world CO2 emissions test for type-approval in order to avoid any cheating; and social measures to make sure that no one is left behind during this transition.
Miriam Dalli MEP said:
“Yesterday’s vote signifies a huge win for the Socialists & Democrats, and for the environment. The 45% CO2 emissions cut by 2030 is a progressive result that will benefit our citizens, the environment and the European Union’s economy.
“Everything we stand for has been supported: environment protection, promoting quality jobs, developing a real driving emissions test and promoting innovation and technology, amongst others.
“As rapporteur, the social transition and consumer benefits were at the core of my report. I call for targeted programmes at Union, national and regional levels for re-skilling, up-skilling and redeployment of workers, as well as education and job-seeking initiatives. Consumer benefits are endless, with fuel savings being a certainty.
“I believe that the strength of this report has been the bringing together of several technologies: this is not about promoting one technology over another, but about having the right policies pushing for a stronger home market.”
This report will be voted on by the plenary of the European Parliament.

MEPs involved

DALLI Miriam

DALLI Miriam

Head of delegation

S&D press contact

Martin De La Torre Victoria
President's spokesperson



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