On the day the European Commission launched infringement procedures against the UK for breaching the Withdrawal Agreement, the European Parliament has shown it takes the violation of law and trust from the UK government very seriously. Political group leaders gave today the green light for a report focusing on the implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement to be led by the S&D’s representative on the UK Coordination Group in the European Parliament, Pedro Silva Pereira.

Pedro Silva Pereira, Vice-president of the European Parliament, S&D representative on the UKCG and rapporteur, said:

“This is serious. The EU and the UK have spent many years negotiating the Withdrawal Agreement, and the Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland is essential for peace and stability and to uphold the Good Friday Agreement.

The agreement, signed by the UK government just months ago, also guarantees protection for EU and UK citizens’ rights. In my role as rapporteur, I will push for the agreement’s full and proper implementation. Today, the Commission was absolutely right to take legal action against the UK government and the S&D Group supports any appropriate measure to ensure the agreement is respected.”

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