Delegation for relations with Afghanistan

The delegation for relations with Afghanistan aims to keep the country high on the agenda in Europe. As a democratically directly elected body, the delegation believes that the European Parliament should accompany and scrutinise the EU's involvement in Afghanistan. The delegation holds inter

Delegation for relations with Australia and New Zealand

Through our DANZ delegation, MEPs maintain close relations with parliamentary counterparts in Canberra and Wellington, and regular exchanges take place. In the most recent meetings, issues including the trade agreements between Australia and the EU and New Zealand and the EU have featured on the

Delegation for relations with countries of South Asia

Regular meetings take place between MEPs and officials and Parliamentarians in South Asia. have developed a better understanding of these countries. Similarly, this activity has allowed EP priorities on democracy, human rights and climate change to be conveyed on the ground.

Delegation for relations with India

With potential for a wide range of mutually beneficial Europe-India exchanges on all things economic, social and political, the delegation aims to enhance mutual understanding between Europe and India. These meetings open channels of communications to help develop untapped potential. At regular

Delegation for relations with Japan

For the European Union, Japan is a key strategic partner and, through inter-parliamentary dialogue, we try to strengthen further mutual understanding and cooperation on global issues. Parliamentarians on both sides exchange views on areas such as trade, economic and financial issues, environment and

Delegation for relations with the countries of Southeast Asia and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

The ASEAN and the EU have a similar approach to current global challenges and problems and both organisations are committed to addressing issues multilaterally. The EU and ASEAN both see regional cooperation and integration as the most effective way to foster stability, build prosperity and address

Delegation for relations with the Korean Peninsula

A core aim of DKOR has been to keep a communication channel open with North Korea. To this end and until 2013, DKOR regularly visited Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. Against a background of rising tensions, the regular DKOR’s meetings in Brussels or in Strasbourg also focused on the security

Delegation for relations with the People's Republic of China

In an increasingly globalised and rapidly changing environment, one of the roles of the delegation is to garner up-to-date expert opinion and inform inter-parliamentary dialogues and broader legislative work. This means regular hearings from representatives of other European institutions, academic