S&D Group leader Udo Bullmann today congratulated the leader of the social democrats in Finland Antti Rinne for his victory in the general elections. 

Udo Bullmann stated: 

“Yesterday, the social democrats in Finland won the elections against the propaganda and lies of the populist forces. This is indeed good news. I sincerely congratulate Antti Rinne for his great campaign, which has put solidarity at the core of his programme. Following the recent victory of the social democrats in Sweden led by Stefan Löfven, there is hope for change. I am pleased that the progressive forces in Scandinavia are back. 

“With right-wing extremism and nationalism on the rise and growing inequalities, we need more than ever social democratic leaders in Europe. When Finland takes over the Presidency of the European Council this summer, we will be able to kick-start the new term with a strong progressive agenda. Together, we can work for a better Europe that serves the many not the few: for fair jobs and wages, for a healthy environment, for gender equality, media freedom and democracy.”

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