Following today’s approval in plenary of the EU Agenda for Rural, Mountainous and Remote Areas, S&D vice-president, Mercedes Bresso, stated:


“The European Parliament's approval of the resolution on the Agenda for Rural, Mountainous and Remote areas is a first step in the right direction towards a common European agenda that should set particular needs of rural and mountain areas at the heart of European policies. Citizens of these areas have the same rights as those living in urban areas. Let’s not leave them behind.

“The EU has already intervened on urban areas through the Urban Agenda. It is now high time to also launch a common development agenda for rural and mountain areas, and remote regions that constitute the greatest part of our countries in Europe.

“We strongly believe that this part of the territories deserve tailor-made and not a residual attention. These areas must be able to fully develop and innovate. Smart Village is a concrete experience concerning urban areas that can be taken as a lesson of how it is possible to develop innovative activities in these peripheral areas.


“Research and innovation are not just about urban areas, they must also concern rural areas, mountain areas, and the remote regions of the European Union.”


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