The European Parliament today voted a resolution denouncing the human rights situation in Venezuela. The Socialists and Democrats expressed their solidarity with the people of Venezuela and called for a negotiated solution to lead to free and fair elections as the only way out of the political impasse, which has caused this severe social and humanitarian crisis.  

Javi López, MEP and responsible for Venezuela in the S&D Group, said:

“The people of Venezuela are suffering: with frequent shortages of food and medicine, seven million people are in dire need of humanitarian assistance. Four million people have already fled their country, the second largest refugee crisis in the world. Now, UN High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet’s report has revealed that nearly 7000 people have been killed extra judicially in the past year and half. The wide spread impunity for human rights violators is unacceptable.

“A peaceful, negotiated and democratic solution is the only way forward for the people of Venezuela. Now that the talks between the government and the opposition facilitated by Norway seem to yield first positive results, we have to support the dialogue even more strongly until it leads to free and fair elections under international observation. The S&D Group stands in solidarity with the people of Venezuela.”

Tonino Picula, MEP and S&D spokesperson on foreign affairs, added:

“The EU has the capacity to be a positive influence on the situation in Venezuela and the region. For the sake of the Venezuelan people, the EU and its member states must remain united in their support of a return to democratic normality and to the constitutional order through a peaceful and calm political process. The EU is called upon to continue to provide humanitarian aid and resources to the Venezuelan people, but also to the neighbouring countries Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, who have shown great solidarity in providing shelters to the people fleeing the country.”

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