The S&D Group strongly condemns the use of a military-grade nerve agent as a chemical weapon in the UK. This was an unprecedented attack on civilians in Europe. We call for all the necessary investigations to be carried out and if Russia is confirmed to be responsible, an appropriate response must be taken by the EU.

The S&D Group’s vice-president on foreign affairs, Victor Boştinaru, said:

"The use of a chemical weapon in the UK is a source of great concern for the EU as a whole, and the S&D Group stands by the UK following this intolerable event. If it is confirmed that Russia was behind the attack, this would take Russia’s already existing external interference to a much higher and absolutely unacceptable level, with the use of chemical weapons on the soil of a member state. We strongly condemn the attack, and we call for all the necessary investigations to be carried out and those responsible to be held to account."

Ioan Pașcu, S&D co-ordinator on security and defence added:

"NATO has already expressed its deep concern at the use of a nerve agent in Europe and the Council must do the same, as what has happened in Salisbury is a threat to all of Europe. We condemn any use of chemical weapons and we must work together to bring the perpetrators of this attack on civilians in Europe to justice."

Clare Moody, S&D vice-chair of the sub-committee on security and defence said:

"The use of a military-grade nerve agent as a chemical weapon on civilians in Europe is unprecedented and calls for a robust response. It is important that the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) is involved in the investigation to help determine who is responsible for this attack. The European Council needs to show full solidarity with the people of Britain and Salisbury and be prepared to support the UK in providing an appropriate response to the use of military-grade nerve agents on civilians."

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