The European Parliament today voted to update laws on the sale and marketing of chemicals that can be used to make homemade explosives. The rules are part of a series of measures aimed at better protecting EU citizens against terrorism and other serious crimes.

S&D Group MEP and European Parliament negotiator for the new rules Andrejs Mamikins said:   

“From the horrific attacks in Paris and Brussels to the Manchester bombing, homemade explosives have become a common weapon of choice for terrorists in Europe. In 2015 and 2016, homemade explosives were used in approximately 40% of terrorist attacks committed in the EU. Restricting the ability of terrorists and criminals to buy the materials used to make these explosives can help protect people throughout Europe. The chemicals used to make bombs such as hydrogen peroxide and nitric acid can be found in everyday products like detergents, fertilisers, special fuels, lubricants and water-treatment chemicals.

“Today we voted to strengthen the rules regulating who and how these substances can be purchased. We have helped close loopholes that meant these products could be bought online without the same level of checks as when buying in a regular shop. We have also ensured that those who need the products for legitimate purposes, such farmers, miners and firework manufacturers, can still use them.

“These new rules are part of a broad range of measures we have adopted in this Parliament to fight against terrorism and help keep our citizens safe.”

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