Following today's vote in the European Parliament which gave Parliament's approval to Commission proposals for tackling the refugee crisis, S&D President Gianni Pittella said:
"Through today's vote, Parliament has once again shown that it is the front runner in supporting the brave proposals of the EU Commission on migration. This is in line with the solidarity demonstrated by thousands of NGOs and ordinary people across Europe in the last few weeks. In the last Council meeting, an irresponsible minority of national governments showed reluctance to accept the relocation of 120,000 refugees across Europe however the overwhelming majority expressed their readiness to take tough decisions and tackle this humanitarian crisis with a common and solidarity based approach."
"We strongly call, once again, for all National governments to break this shameful stalemate, to put aside their selfishness, and finally show they can behave with the same level of responsibility and solidarity shown by the people of Europe."

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