In a debate in Strasbourg requested by the S&D Group, our members sent a clear message ahead of the Commission’s proposal on the Digital Agenda: we must strive to ensure the social dimension of our society in the era of technology and digitisation. 

Ismail Ertug, S&D vice-president and spokesman for the Digital Agenda said:

“Digital technologies provide us with a world of possibilities at our fingertips. Never before have people had so many opportunities to learn, communicate, participate and create. However, many Europeans still lack the necessary digital understanding and skills to fully embrace the opportunities of the digital revolution. European education systems must be modernised across our Union to prevent a digital divide in society.

“Employment and social policies must keep pace with the digitalisation of our labour markets. We need a new social contract - including minimum wages, strengthening collective bargaining and a right to disconnect. We need to create fair working conditions for workers – no matter whether online or offline.

“The EU needs a new legal framework on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics, including a guarantee for upholding fundamental rights. AI must be free from bias. It must not discriminate on grounds of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. No AI without ethics!

"Large sets of data are key for AI applications. They will fuel them. Cambridge Analytica and Clearview are just the most prominent examples for the invasive use and abuse of our personal data. Voter manipulation and facial recognition are serious threats. We have to protect our democracies.

“The digital revolution is happening now. And we must make sure that the European Digital Agenda will always have a social dimension!”

Note to editors:

The S&D Group has adopted its position paper Our inclusive digital Europe - leaving nobody behind - offering opportunity for everyone.

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Our inclusive digital Europe - leaving nobody behind - offering opportunity for everyone

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ERTUG Ismail


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