Following yesterday's hearing of Commission vice-president designate Dubravka Šuica, our group has decided to give its support to the Croatian candidate for the portfolio of Democracy and Demography.

We will, however, be keeping a close eye, to make sure that the promises she has put forward at the hearing are followed through. Institutional reforms are crucial for the well-functioning of the EU.

Domènec Ruiz Devesa, S&D coordinator in the constitutional affairs committee stated:

“We cannot continue with ‘business as usual’. The EU needs strong, progressive, institutional reform. Ms Šuica will have to deliver on her promises, keeping in mind that the citizens of Europe have voted this year in large numbers, giving us a strong mandate to work forward on policies for the many. We will not let them down and we expect nothing less of the new structure of the Commission.”

Claude Moraes, S&D vice-president for resilient democracies and fundamental rights, said:

“One thing is clear - the European Parliament, the only EU institution elected by the people, needs to be involved at all times in all initiatives that are addressed to European citizens. The Conference on the Future of Europe is a crucial tool that could help us promote our policies. This is why we will make sure civil society, stakeholders and social partners are consulted every step of the way.”

Heléne Fritzon, S&D Group vice-president for a new social Europe of equality, cohesion and strong rights, has added:
“When facing the new challenges, Europe needs to stand united and work with the same progressive vision. We expect Commission vice-president designate Dubravka Šuica to share this progressive vision when it comes to societal changes, social protection, improvement or rural areas, work-life balance, the Child Guarantee and gender equality and empowerment. We will be watching closely!”

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