Following the current debate around the procurement and distribution of the vaccine against Covid-19 at a European and member states level, the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament reiterate the call on all actors to ensure the European approach in order to guarantee all citizens have access to the vaccine in a solidary and fair manner. All self-centred national throwbacks should be avoided.

S&D coordinator in the environment committee, Jytte Guteland, said: 

“The EU joint procurement and advanced purchase agreements for anti-Covid-19 vaccines are very powerful and useful instruments for the EU as a whole. These accords benefit all EU countries as they can guarantee access to vaccines in a solidary and fair manner. Together we are stronger.

“Therefore, we share the concern of the European Commission about the need to keep our unity, and avoid self-centred national positions that could undermine the collective leverage and co-operation. We have already experienced member states taking matters into their own hands during the outbreak of the pandemic. The results were unsatisfying and we don’t want to get back to this. Only by working together will we find the best possible way forward and overcome this pandemic.

“We demand better transparency to ensure full confidence among EU citizens and a fair and equitable distribution of vaccines between member states.

“Hence, we will address these points in tomorrow’s exchange of views with the Commission in the environment committee.”

The Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament will request a discussion on the national vaccination plans in next week’s plenary session.

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