Following the confirmation by UK Prime Minister Theresa May that a meaningful vote will only be held on 12 March, two weeks before the UK is to leave the EU, S&D Group president Udo Bullmann and S&D spokesperson on Brexit Roberto Gualtieri said:

"May is playing a dangerous game. Holding the vote only two weeks before the deadline to pressure MPs into supporting her is not a way to make a serious decision on the long-term future of the country. The withdrawal agreement will not be reopened.

"Just delaying a cliff-edge does not get rid of it. The UK Parliament has already comprehensively rejected the deal, and has also rejected the possibility of a no-deal. Instead of wasting another two weeks, or even two months, asking Parliament the same question – why not put it back to the British people? We have always viewed Brexit as historic mistake and would welcome the UK to change its mind. If May is not prepared to do this, she must work closely with the Labour Party for a closer EU-UK relationship that can find a majority and break the current deadlock."

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