The drama of migrants looking for a better future in Europe is a challenge for many EU countries: more boats arrived in Italy over the weekend, while four people were found dead trying to reach Spain’s shore; the number of refugees crossing to Greece from the East is growing, and this weekend thousands of immigrants tried to cross from France to England through the port of Calais.
The president of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, Gianni Pittella, again called for a European Union comprehensive response:
“What else has to happen to convince all the member states of the EU that immigration is a global challenge and needs a united approach to find concrete solutions in terms of welcome and security? Selfishness is negative and useless. There must be a coherent and comprehensive migration policy in the European Union.
“Specific budget and resources should be allocated to this policy, so that a long-term strategy and an effective mechanism can be put in place. And it should cover all aspects of migration: the diplomatic and foreign policy dimension; fighting mafias; controlling EU external borders; providing humanitarian aid; a common asylum and refugee policy and better assistance to those who are already in Europe.
"But so far member states don't seem ready to accept a real EU strategy. The time has come for EU member states to support the Commission in its efforts to give a common and strong answer to migration.
“Only together, going back to our common humanistic roots, can we face the dramatic challenge of migration. It is irresponsible to use the drama of migration to gain votes without any serious proposals and only with scandalous propaganda."

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Martin De La Torre Victoria
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