The conservative and liberal groups in the European Parliament, EPP and Renew, this morning blocked an agreement on the report on the European Semester for economic policy coordination. Speaking immediately after the vote in the economic and monetary affairs committee, Aurore Lalucq, S&D MEP and author of the European Parliament’s European Semester report in the economic and monetary affairs committee, said:

“Today, the EPP and Renew have again shown their true colour: they are still obsessed with the austerity mantra. Even the Commission has turned the page, and is now willing to reform the fiscal rules and the European Semester.

“For the Socialists and Democrats, the integration of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Pillar of European Rights in the European Semester, as well as the revision of the fiscal framework and increasing the democratic accountability, are non-negotiable. It is the only way to make the Green Deal a reality and we stand by our commitments to citizens.” 

Jonás Fernández , S&D spokesperson for economic and monetary affairs, added:

“The EPP and Renew supported this Commission based on a political programme, which clearly calls for the reform of fiscal rules and aligning the European Semester with the Sustainable Development Goals. I was shocked to see that the EPP and Renew today voted against the very policy proposals this Commission has endorsed. While they are paying lip-service to the Green Deal, they are undercutting the Commission’s proposal and back-tracking on their own commitments, thus blocking progress for Europe and its people.”

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