The Party of European Socialists (PES) brings together the Socialist, Social Democratic, Labour and Democratic Parties from all over the European Union and Norway. Together they fight for a better and more progressive Europe.

The PES, with 34 full member parties and 12 associate and 12 observer parties, is politically represented in the European Parliament, in the European Council and Council of Ministers, and in the Committee of the Regions. The European Commission – although an independent, collegiate body – also has several commissioners who are members of PES parties. Since the beginning of the PES movement, their fundamental values have been democracy, freedom, equality, peace and justice. These values belong together and, combined, they form a moral compass to build progressive societies. They are committed to fighting for social justice, growth and jobs, consumer rights, clear rules for the financial sector, human rights and sustainable development around the world. They are working to shape progressive European policies and make Europe work for its people.