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Artificial intelligence (AI) is fundamentally transforming societies in Europe and across the world. From social media to health, or face recognition on phones to air traffic control, AI is affecting everyone’s lives. With infinite opportunities come serious risks. 

The view is that Europe is lagging behind on artificial intelligence. While Europe has no time to waste in catching up, we need to put ethics front and centre of progress. The S&D Group wants to see Europe taking a lead, laying down a regulatory ethical framework to underpin the development and use of AI technologies now and in the future. This is Europe’s chance to set global standards on AI and ethics.

With AI, as in all S&D policies, we need to put people first. The aim is to protect our citizens and our fundamental rights by making sure that AI works for people. With legal certainty, we can create greater trust in new technologies. With a more trusted approach, we can contribute to boosting EU innovations in the digital field to benefit everyday people’s lives and to create opportunities for businesses, whatever their size. 

The issue of ethics in AI goes beyond what we are reading on our screens or buying online. The ethics behind civil and military uses of AI need our full focus and attention, as developments in these areas come thick and fast. 

In the Commission’s first 100-days, we have already seen a commitment to put forward new legislation for a European approach on the human and ethical implications of artificial intelligence. This is ambitious, but should not be a rushed process. The S&D Group’s workshop on Artificial Intelligence, Ethical Aspects is one of the ways that we are preparing to react and act on the Commission’s proposal to ensure that people are protected and rights are respected.

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