Quote of the week

“I stand for a Britain that is outward looking, engaging with Europe and with the world. A Europe free from fascism. Globalisation has made us interconnected. Cooperation is not an option, it’s a necessity”

Gordon Brown, former UK Prime Minister, during his visit to the European Parliament and the S&D Group on May 25th



All of Brussels’s EU institutions are opening their doors this Saturday to allow people to see how everything works in “the bubble”. We are no exception to the rule! The Group will be present in the European Parliament with all its known initiatives, such as FEMM, the Global Progressive Forum, Progressive Economy and Relaunching Europe.
We will be joined by our partners the Foundation for European Progressive Studies, the Party of European Socialists, the Committee of the Regions and Rainbow Rose.

There’s no need to register for the Open Days. Just join us until 18.00!


Next week we are hosting the Progressive Economy Forum. It is scheduled to take place in the European Parliament (room JAN 4Q2) on May 31, and this year's theme is Investment and Innovation at the Heart of European Recovery.

You can find the full programme here.


Social rights in Europe. Gender equality. Putting an end to discrimination and stronger rights for LGBTI people. These are all important issues for our Group, issues we intend to debate upon at the beginning of June during the Mobilizing for Rainbow Families’ Rights - Join #AllOfUs event in Brussels.

It is scheduled to take place on Thursday, 2 June, from 10.00 to 12.30 in room A5 G2 in the European Parliament. If you missed the chance to register, you can watch the full streaming online on our site.


Also, this weekend we will keep our eyes on the G7 Forum taking place in Japan. The agenda is packed with topics that are priorities for us, such as the global economy, investment, trade, the refugee crisis, climate change and energy, the fight against terrorism, foreign policy and development.


We are only one week away from the Strasbourg plenary session in June. Therefore, these upcoming days we will be working on the topics under debate. Tax avoidance practices is one of them, and a report by MEP Hugues Bayet will be discussed in plenary. We are also preparing the follow-up to the resolution of the Parliament on the US Senate report on the use of torture by the CIA, and MEP Claude Moraes will be actively involved.


Check our website for all the details on our activity during the upcoming week.

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Martin De La Torre Victoria
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