Commissioner-designate for transport and space, Maroš Šefčovič, today showed competence for his new task and has already proven his willingness to work closely with the Parliament in his previous position as Commission vice-president, said Socialists and Democrats following the hearing of the candidate by the transport committee.
S&D spokesperson on transport, MEP Ismail Ertug, said:
“We share Šefčovič’s vision to modernise transport infrastructures and encourage sustainable growth, innovation and smart job creation. Today he explained how he intends to invest the transport quota allocated from the €300 billion announced by Commission president-designate, Jean-Claude Juncker, in an innovative way so as to leverage private funds for the development and maintenance of an efficient and sustainable Trans-European Transport Network. This will boost economic growth and job creation across Europe.
“We welcome his commitment to promote a social package for the transport sector. Until now, measures to liberalise the road freight market did not pay equal attention to the need to properly ensure social rights of drivers and safe working conditions. We will keep fighting for it in the next five years and we expect good collaboration with the new commissioner.
“In his previous experience as commissioner for inter-institutional relations, Šefčovič has proven that he knows how to handle difficult dossiers, and also proved his willingness to engage in a fruitful cooperation with the Parliament for the benefit of citizens.”

MEPs involved

ERTUG Ismail

ERTUG Ismail


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Martin De La Torre Victoria
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