Quote of the week by Iratxe García, S&D Group President:

 “I am speechless. In today’s Poland, an EU member state in the XXI century, the lives and health of Polish women are subordinated to a purely political calculation and ideological motivation. I am appalled by both the barbaric character of the new restrictions, and the way they were introduced by the Tribunal that does not deserve its name, as it is totally controlled by PiS, Kaczynski’s Law and Justice party. Poland has already one of the most restrictive anti-abortion laws in the EU. This judgment means there will almost be a complete ban on abortion in Poland. I promise to Polish women that the Socialists and Democrats will continue to fight for their fundamental rights.”

In response to the judgment by the PiS-controlled Constitutional Tribunal in Poland, the S&D Group condemned the shocking developments where access to abortion is being restricted even in cases of severe foetal defects.



Next week, due diligence is on the agenda in the legal affairs committee and in the international trade committee,. The S&D Group wants to see mandatory rules in place right across the supply chain so that companies take responsibility to act when environmental and labour standards are put at risk. S&D Chair Bernd Lange is the rapporteur for an opinion being voted on Tuesday in the international trade committee.

On Monday, S&D MEPs will be voting to make the single market more sustainable in the internal market and consumer protection committee. Our group is standing up for what European citizens want when it comes to consumer choice and consumer protection, as well as the for the safety and sustainability of products in the single market.

On Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 October, MEPs in the budget and economic committees will vote to establish the InvestEU Programme. The S&D Group has been a key driver of the new fund, which is more important than ever as result of the pandemic.

The World Press Freedom Index 2020 paints a worrying picture for press freedom and media pluralism, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. That is why on Tuesday, S&D MEPs in the civil liberties, justice and home affairs committee will support a report on media freedom to ensure that freely reported, independent, diverse and reliable information is available throughout the EU. There will also be a vote on the impact of Covid-19 measures on democracy, fundamental rights and rule of law led by S&D Chair Juan Fernando López Aguilar.

On Thursday, the Women’s Rights committee will mark European Gender Equality Week in the Parliament by looking at the findings of the Gender Equality Index 2020, with a special focus on digitalisation in the world of work and its consequences for gender equality.

Throughout the week, we will be pushing for progress in the ongoing negotiations with the Council to approve the next 7-year budget for the Union. We are urging the Council to listen to the demands of the Parliament regarding a budget that can implement the ambitious work programme of the Commission, but also on an effective and clearly defined rule of law mechanism.

This week, the S&D Group gave its support to the EU’s Chief Negotiator, Michel Barnier, in his efforts to achieve the best possible relations with the UK. But not at any cost. We will not do it at the cost of sacrificing the internal market or accepting distorted state aid or social and environmental dumping.

On Thursday 29 October, European leaders will meet informally via videoconference to discuss current developments around Covid-19.

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