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The Panama inquiry committee in the European Parliament must also be able to investigate these new tax evasion revelations. For two years now, the S&D Group has been fighting for new measures to eradicate tax fraud and tax evasion in Europe. We want a European list of tax havens and sanctions for those who helped companies hide their money in these jurisdictions. We want to ensure that taxes are paid where profits are generated. We now need more progress by ensuring a common consolidated tax basis for company taxation. A large number of big companies must report publicly about their activities country by country, not only in the EU but also globally. These reforms are crucial if we want to be serious about tackling aggressive tax planning and tax fraud.

Last week’s highlights

This week we have managed to achieve an important step in bringing people who travel Europe closer together. Our Group has strongly criticised the first proposal of the European Commission to establish a 90-days per year limit for roaming calls to be free of charge within the EU. Thanks to our political pressure, the EU Commission withdrew its initial proposal and announced - as we asked - a new approach to the 'fair use policy' of the 'roam like at home' principle. First step is done - now we want to see it put into practice!

We have recently celebrated one year since the 17 Sustainable Development Goals were unanimously adopted by UN member states in New York. Today we need to work even harder to address the challenges of poverty, hunger, diminishing natural resources, water scarcity, social inequality, environmental degradation, disease, corruption, racism and xenophobia. S&D MEP and shadow rapporteur on this issue Elly Schlein: “A year on, the S&D Group is more committed than ever to the full implementation of the Agenda through our work, as well as to the follow-up and monitoring processes ensuring that no one is left behind".


This upcoming week we are looking forward to two major events for our group. This Tuesday our Panama Papers inquiry committee will hear from the journalist who started the whole debate. Also, on Thursday our Group is glad to promote successful stories of refugees who have come to Europe, in an undoubtedly interesting event organised by our MEPs.

Upcoming activities

Tuesday will be, without a doubt, a busy day for our 17 MEPs in the Panama Papers inquiry committee. As Tax Justice is, and will continue to be a priority for our Group, we are looking forward to seeing the outcome of the hearing on 27th September. We will share all the details with you, so follow our website for updates.

Fighting for equality and solidarity with those in need is, also, one of our constant concerns. Breaking the barriers and bringing people together is our way of showing that we can, indeed, turn Europe into a home for those who are fleeing war or any kind of conflict.

This is why, on Thursday, 29th September, we are glad to welcome a series of people who have shown that through hard work and dedication they can overcome all the obstacles anyone else tries to put in their path. “Muslims in Europe - Untold success stories” will bring in front of an impressive audience the stories of Amir Khan, World Boxing Champion and philanthropist, Dr Taoufik Ben Addi, Urologist surgeon and Coordinator of uro-oncology at the Brussels’Clinique du Parc Leopold, Winner of the Diwan Awards | Inspiring Young Generations (Belgium), Faten El-Dabbas, poet and activist (Germany), Abdel En Vrai, Brussels humorist, stand-up artist, blogger, awarded “Bruxellois de l'année 2013” (Belgium) and many more.

Three of our MEPs - Tanja Fajon, Peter Weidenholzer and Afzal Khan - will take on the duty of moderating the three segments of the event. Follow us for more details!

The Group’s Relaunching Europe initiative will also be back on the road on the 21st of October. Bucharest is our destination and, together with important national and European leaders, we’ll try to deliver answers to one of Romania’s most important topics - its future in the EU and the future of the young generation.

Registrations are now open on our new site!

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We have recently launched our new Snapchat account. Follow us for fresh behind-the-scenes updates on our Group’s activities

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