To conclude its first project cycle, the Independent Commission for Sustainable Equality (ICSE) published a first policy report in November 2018. The report issued 110 policy recommendations aimed at breaking ground on developing a progressive, transformative policy agenda responding to the economic, social and environmental challenges and emergencies that Europe, and humanity, are faced with today.

Building on this first report and in close cooperation with the wider political family of European Social Democracy, the S&D Group has been able to successfully integrate a large number of these proposals into the European Union policy agenda. This success was largely achieved by building the ICSE’s policy recommendations into its negotiating position in the inter-institutional negotiations on future EU policy following the 2019 European elections.

This analysis provides an overview of the impact the work of the ICSE has had on the output of the European Commission. Of the ICSE’s 110 policy recommendations, 60 have been incorporated into the European Commission’s policy agenda, at least partially. This represents an adoption rate of around 55%. Of the five substantive policy chapters in which the ICSE’s recommendations were developed, only one chapter saw an adoption rate of less than 50%.

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Sustainable Equality - Analysis of the impact of the 110 policy recommendations issued as part of the first ICSE report on EU policy

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