Reset! Towards digital, climate and regional justice.

“Try turning it off and back on again” – How many times have we recommended this to fix our computers? With the Covid-19 outbreak, our economy was suddenly and dramatically turned off. The virus is taking thousands of lives and jobs, and is forcing us to live in isolation. Now it is time to restart! But what is it we want to fix in our post-corona economy?

On Saturday, September 5th, high level experts, leading academics, progressive politicians and progressives everywhere, will come together physically in Amsterdam and digitally on an exciting platform, to discuss these and other questions in a conference organized by the progressive family represented by Socialists & Democrats, the Party for European Socialists, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies and the Dutch Labour Party (Partij van de Arbeid),

Joining us on the mainstage and in breakout sessions are Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz, PvdA party leader Lodewijk Asscher, Head of Cabinet for the European Commission Executive Vice President Frans Timmermans Diederik Samsom, economists Carlota Perez, Ann Pettifor, Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, Arjan Lejour and Arnoud Boot, author and journalist Martin Sandbu, OECD deputy director Grace Perez-Navarro, President of the Italian Innovation Fund Francesca Bria and former minister Fabrizio Barca, Andrea Renda, Club of Rome's Sandrine Dixson-Declève, founder of The Digital City Marleen Stikker, researcher Emilia Smeds, Jean Monnet Chairholder Massimo Florio and many more!

We need a reset! We do not want to go back to the economy that put our planet, public health and income at risk, and that leads to increasing inequalities.

We need a reset! So that we can construct a system where sustainability prevails over resource depletion; where economic opportunities and wealth are distributed across people and regions rather than concentrated in few hands or big urban agglomerations; a system where finance does not mean speculation, but support for the real economy; an economy where data unleashes citizens’ and businesses creativity, instead of undermining their autonomy.

The stakes are clear. If we want to come out of this crisis better than before, if we want to build a fair and sustainable post-corona economy, we need progressive leadership. We do need a reset. And we are ready to take the lead!

You can register for the physical event venue Amsterdome (Amsterdam), or you can attend digitally on the platform 'Let's Get Digital' that lets you experience the conference as if you were standing in the conference hall, and which allows you to meet and mingle with other online participants.

More information to follow. Physical attendance is limited due to Covid-19 protocols and developing situation and therefore not granted automatically.

For more information, please contact:

The online platform we use is an exciting and new way to interact, mingle and talk to other participants of the conference. Let's Get Digital offers an experience like you if you were physically present. Visit the mainstage and the break out sessions. Meet others one on one Soon we will send all registrants more information. We'll see you online!

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Draft Programme - Reset! Towards digital, climate and regional justice

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