Progressive Society - Saving the Internet for the many not the few.

Progressive Society- an initiative of the Group of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament – will organise a public event on "Saving the Internet for the many, not the few", on January 9th, from 15.00 to 18.30 in the European Parliament premises in Brussels.

The event will focus on the societal and economic challenges posed by the dominance of tech giants in Europe in particular.

What if the economic power of a company becomes too big?

How do we protect quality job creation?

How do we ensure that tech giants pay their fair share of taxes?

How do we moderate content, and protect data?

And what are the wider societal effects of the ubiquity of a handful of companies? 

The event, featuring prominent experts, will be opened to targeted audience including students, civil society organisations and workers representatives and is aiming for dynamic interaction amongst speakers and the public

Register here  - Registration deadline: Friday 04 January 2019.

The Progressive Society Team

For more information, please send and email to:

Eurodiputad@s que participan






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