National parties

The S&D Group in the European Parliament is composed of MEPs who belong to national parties. These parties share our social-democratic values and are members of the Party of European Socialists (PES). PES is represented in the European Parliament, the European Council, the Council of Ministers, and in the Committee of the Regions. On this page, you will find information about the affiliation of our members in various national parties.

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Austria Austria (1)

Social Democratic Party of Austria - Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs
Acronym: SPÖ

Belgium Belgium (2)

Parti Socialiste
Acronym: PS Belgium
Socialistische Partij.Anders
Acronym: sp.a

Bulgaria Bulgaria (1)

Bulgarska Sotsialisticheska Partiya - Bulgarian Socialist Party
Acronym: BSP

Croatia Croatia (1)

Social Democratic Party - Socijaldemokratska Partija Hrvatske
Acronym: SDP Croatia

Cyprus Cyprus (2)

Democratic Party - Dimokratiko Komma
Acronym: DIKO
Movement of Socialists - Kinima Sosialdimokraton
Acronym: EDEK

Denmark Denmark (1)

Socialdemokratiet - Danish Social Democratic Party
Acronym: SD

Estonia Estonia (1)

Sotsiaaldemokraatlik Erakond - Estonian Social Democratic Party
Acronym: SDE

Finland Finland (1)

Social Democratic Party of Finland - Suomen Sosialidemokraattinen Puolue
Acronym: SDP Finland

France France (3)

Nouvelle Donne - New Deal
Acronym: ND
Place Publique
Acronym: PP
Socialist Party - Parti Socialiste
Acronym: PS France

Germany Germany (1)

Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands - Social Democratic Party of Germany
Acronym: SPD Germany

Greece Greece (1)

Movement for Change - Kinima Allagis
Acronym: KINAL

Hungary Hungary (2)

Democratic Coalition - Demokratikus Koalicio
Acronym: dk
Hungarian Socialist Party - Magyar Szocialista Párt
Acronym: MSZP

Italy Italy (2)

Democratic Party - Partito Democratico
Acronym: PD
We are Europeans - Siamo Europei
Acronym: SE

Latvia Latvia (1)

Social Democratic Party "Saskaņa" - Sociāldemokrātiskā Partija Saskaņa
Acronym: Saskaņa – SDPS

Lithuania Lithuania (1)

Lithuanian Social Democratic Party - Lietuvos Socialdemokratu Partija
Acronym: LSDP

Luxembourg Luxembourg (1)

Party Luxembourgian Socialist Workers' - Lëtzebuerger sozialistesch Aarbechterpartei
Acronym: LSAP

Malta Malta (1)

Labour Party - Parti Laburista
Acronym: LP Malta

Netherlands Netherlands (1)

Dutch Labour Party - Partij Van De Arbeid
Acronym: PvdA

Poland Poland (2)

Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej - Democratic Left Alliance
Acronym: SLD Poland
Wiosna (Wiosna Roberta Biedronia)

Portugal Portugal (1)

Socialist Party - Partido Socialista
Acronym: PS

Romania Romania (1)

Social Democratic Party - Partidul Social Democrat
Acronym: PSD

Slovakia Slovakia (1)

SMER - Sociálna demokracia - Socialdemocracy
Acronym: SMER - SD

Slovenia Slovenia (1)

Social Democrats - Socialni Demokrati
Acronym: SD Slovenia

Spain Spain (2)

Socialists’ Party of Catalonia - Partit dels Socialistes de Catalunya
Acronym: PSC
Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party - Partido Socialista Obrero Espanol
Acronym: PSOE

Sweden Sweden (1)

Swedish Social Democratic Party - Sveriges Socialdemokratiska Arbetareparti
Acronym: SAP

United Kingdom United Kingdom (1)

LP, Labour Party UK
Acronym: Labour Party