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Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle (Watch the video)

If we do not take care of our planet today, there will be no economies and no jobs to protect tomorrow. We are setting in motion a chain of events that will lead to total and irreversible destruction

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From Hungary, Udo Bullmann will advocate a more social Europe, this Friday

Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament will hold a debate with Hungarian politicians, experts and civil society in Budapest this Friday

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S&Ds: A conservative ultra-liberal agriculture policy is not what EU citizens expect. We’ll keep fighting for a more sustainable CAP

Following the today vote in the European Parliament’s agriculture committee on the Strategic Plan regulation of the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP)

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S&Ds criticise the EU Commission for relinquishing its duties on the ‘Dieselgate’ scandal

It has been almost four years since the Volkswagen emissions scandal broke out, and the European Commission and national governments are still

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The EU Parliament backs Marita Ulvskog’s proposal to end the seasonal time change by 2021

he European Parliament has taken up the demand signed by four million Europeans to stop changing the clock one hour ahead or one hour back every six

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S&Ds: It’s time for the member states to respect rules on animal transport within and outside the EU. Animal welfare is not optional!

Thanks to the vote today in plenary endorsing the report on better animal welfare for transport within and outside the EU, the Social Democrats in the

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Led by S&Ds, the EU Parliament calls for a more sustainable use of pesticides

Today the plenary of the EU parliament voted on a report drafted by S&D MEP Jytte Guteland, which calls on EU member states to be more proactive in

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EU Parliament and Council reach a deal on new public procurement rules to promote clean mobility

Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament welcome the agreement reached last night on revised rules on public procurement under the Clean

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S&Ds: No more to Glyphosate-kind cases in Europe. We ensured a more transparent and reliable authorisation system of potentially dangerous substances

Following the trilogue negotiations with the EU Council and the EU Commission, the European Parliament shadow rapporteur on the General food law

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S&Ds: We had promised to get rid of unfair trade practices in the food supply chain. We did it for the first time in the EU’s history!

Following the agreement hammered out between the European Parliament and the Council in the inter-institutional negotiations on the abolition of