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Udo Bullmann advocates a new social pact for human, economic and ecological sustainability

Today the S&D president Udo Bullmann will present in Madrid the Progressive Society policy report on Sustainable Equality, a document elaborated by a

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The S&D Group will go to Madrid to attend the PES Congress

The European Socialists will gather in Madrid, as of Thursday, for the PES Congress that will officially endorse the progressive candidate to chair


S&Ds Go Local in Ljubljana

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Agreement on European Labour Authority - a major success for the S&D Group

The negotiators of the European Parliament and the Council struck today a deal to set up a European Labour Authority (ELA) in order to end labour

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EU finally backs S&D call for crackdown on precarious and zero hour contracts

Leading S&D MEPs welcomed new rules agreed yesterday that will help people working on precarious or zero hour contracts. The proposals were part of a

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S&D Euro MPs secure new deal to strengthen the protection of Europeans’ health in the workplace

Today, negotiators of the European Parliament, the Commission and the EU member states reached an agreement to protect Europeans from the exposure to

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S&Ds call to make benefits of European Globalisation Adjustment Fund available to more workers

The European Parliament today adopted a report by S&D MEP Maria Arena on the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund, which the European Parliament

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S&Ds secure €5.9 billion ESF+ funding for European Child Guarantee to eradicate child poverty

In today’s vote in the European Parliament on the European Social Fund Plus the Socialists and Democrats got a major step closer to making the


THE IMPERATIVE OF SUSTAINABILITY - Economic, social, environmental. independent Annual Sustainable Economy Survey (formerly iAGS), 7th Report iASES 2019

THE IMPERATIVE OF SUSTAINABILITY. Economic, social, environmental. independent Annual Sustainable Economy Survey (formerly iAGS), 7th Report - iASES

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Mobility Package: S&Ds are the only ones to broker an agreement to defend workers’ rights in the transport sector

The all-party transport committee in the European Parliament today backed the report drafted by S&D MEP Ismail Ertug on cabotage*. It reinforces