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Weekly Update - 19/02/2016

Quote of the week"On behalf of my group I expressed our sincere willingness to do our utmost to ensure the UK remains in the EU. Britain leaving would

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The anti-avoidance tax package is a good first step in the right direction, say S&Ds

S&D Euro MPs today welcome measures proposed by the European Commission to combat aggressive tax planning by multinationals. They urged EU governments

28 Jan 2016

S&D Group Seminar: How to use the opportunities of the Digital Union in order to fight social and regional inequalities?

Digitisation will bring new opportunities for European citizens in the form of new skills, jobs and economic growth. At the same time, digitisation is


The EU investigates McDonald's tax regime and working conditions

A significant proportion of McDonald's profits is suspected to be hidden every year thanks to secret tax deals. The European Commission is taking this

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Member states must act with determination for a fairer tax system in Europe

Today, the European Commission has declared the Belgian “excess profit” tax scheme “illegal”. S&D Euro MPs want the Commission to keep investigating

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S&Ds issue a last minute appeal for a strong FTT

S&D Euro MPs today called on European finance ministers to overcome their differences in order to secure a deal on the introduction of a financial

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Weekly Update - 04/12/2015

Quote"Now is the time to change the world" - Gianni Pittella on COP21 Last week's highlightWe're very pleased to have succeeded in achieving a new

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The Greens champions of cheap politicking; the S&Ds will call for a new TAXE committee

S&D Group president Gianni Pittella responded to the unfounded allegations about the future of the special TAXE committee, with the following

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Weekly Update - 13/11/2015

Quote of the weekThe time has come to avoid permanent division of Europe and revive the Helsinki process by again bringing opponents together at the

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"Contact ban for multinationals is proving effective", say S&D Euro MPs

The contact ban of the 191 Members of the S&D Group in the European Parliament against a number of multinational companies is a success story