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The World Humanitarian Summit: The first step towards new global humanitarian aid action

A European Parliament delegation composed of members from the committee on development (DEVE) and the sub-committee on human rights (DROI) attended

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Development aid must be used to combat the roots of the refugee crisis rather than the symptoms, say S&D Euro MPs

S&D Euro MPs today have successfully prevented the Conservative’s attempts to divert part of the aid of the European Development Fund into the

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S&D Group welcomes Commission proposals as first step for a digital industrial strategy for Europe

The S&D Group has welcomed a package of measures coming from the European Commission on digitising European industry but argued that the Commission

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S&D Group: New aid package means EU is frontrunner in humanitarian support for education in emergencies

The S&D Group welcomes the European Commission's decision to adopt a €52 million humanitarian aid package aimed specifically at educational projects


Afrique : au cœur d’une planète mondialisée (Conférence du Groupe S&D)

Modératrice : Wendy BashiAvec la participation de Gianni Pittella, président du Groupe S&D, Victor Boştinaru et Knut Fleckenstein, vice-présidents S&D

05 Apr 2016

S&D Group Africa Week

S&D Group Africa Week, in partnership with the Global Progressive Forum (GPF), and in cooperation with the Foundation for European Progressive Studies

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S&Ds in Ethiopia: Pittella "EU and Africa share the same future. A political relationship is key to addressing common global challenges"

In the context of the S&D delegation visit to Ethiopia, S&D president Gianni Pittella and MEPs Cécile Kyenge and Norbert Neuser called for a stronger

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S&Ds in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia): Pittella - "Africa must become one of the most important European partners"

A delegation of S&D MEPs led by Group President Gianni Pittella will visit Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) tomorrow until Friday to meet with Ethiopian and

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The solution to the Cyprus problem should be in line with the EU's principles and values

Gianni Pittella, leader of the S&D Group in the European Parliament, will pay an official visit to Cyprus from 22 to 23 March for a series of meetings

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Eritrean authorities must end detention of innocent civilians, say S&Ds

Following a discussion on the human-rights situation in Eritrea during the European Parliament's plenary session in Strasbourg, S&D MEPs expressed