OUR JOURNEY #EUROPETOGETHER. A new direction for a progressive Europe. Standing up for our future.

Dear friends,

We started on a journey back in 2016, on the back of a challenging blow for Europe. How did we get to a point where the majority of citizens in one country voted not just against the EU, but to leave the EU? The status quo is clearly no longer an option.

With our Europe Together initiative we have had time to reflect, but more importantly, we have had time to listen. We need to listen to people, talk to them about how we can make a difference, and take them with us on the journey towards change. In our Go Local events, where smaller groups of people are able to have even more open and informal discussions, we have been able to hear from even more different points of view from people from all walks of life.

In this brochure, you can look through a selection of the Together events that we’ve had and the issues that we’ve talked about. You can follow our Together journey using our map and see where we have gone local so far. Whether it is on strengthening the Social Model, tax justice, preserving our planet or defending democracy, we have had a great response from people all over Europe who wanted to have their say.

Udo Bullmann – S&D Group president

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OUR JOURNEY #EUROPETOGETHER. A new direction for a progressive Europe. Standing up for our future

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