"Now is the time to change the world" - Gianni Pittella on COP21


Last week's highlight

We're very pleased to have succeeded in achieving a new strengthened mandate for the TAXE committee and we'll be continuing our campaign for #TaxJustice in Europe.
And that wasn't the only victory for transparency and justice.  Our proposal for an inquiry committee looking into emissions testing in the automotive sector and focusing on alleged maladministration and malpractices by the Commission and national authorities got broad support in the Conference of Presidents and talks are underway to draft a mandate.



We move from the mini-plenary to another committee week in the last sprint to the Christmas holidays now, but there is still plenty to do.

As we enter week #2 of COP21, the debate is starting to hot up. Our MEPs Kathleen Van Brempt, Matthias Groote, Miriam Dalli and Gilles Pargneaux will be joining the EP delegation to make sure the progressive viewpoint is heard loud and clear. You can follow the action online as they meet the movers and shakers via our Facebook page and on Twitter @TheProgressives.

Watch our call for real action on climate change with European leaders and young activists.

Mario Monti, Pierre Moscovici and Ivailo Kalfin will be joining us on Tuesday 8 December for a roundtable discussion on EU own-resources reform. The debate will focus on "the need to reform the own resources/current system of financing the EU budget, highlight the deficiencies of the current system of financing the EU budget as well as the inconsistencies between the financing of the EU budget and economic governance."

On Wednesday 9 December, experts and trade union representatives will join us from all over Europe for a seminar on one of the most crucial issues for the European project: the Free Movement of Workers. Last chance to register - closing date Monday 7 December.

Migration remains high on the Parliament's agenda with MEPs from the Civil Liberties committee meeting to discuss the creation of hotspots in Greece and Italy on Monday. Experts from both countries and from the agencies involved will meet to take questions from MEPs.


And looking ahead to the new year...

Relaunching Europe hits the road again with its first 2016 date. We will be visiting Koblenz in Germany on 21 January to put the spotlight on the digital union. Watch this space for more information and find out more about our initiative here.

The School of Democracy will be back for its second edition! On 20-22 April, 100 young people will meet in Italy to debate on the state of democracy in Europe and the world. Over the course of three days they will have the chance to discuss democracy, globalisation, sustainable development and social justice with high level experts. Find out more and register here.

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