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The future of Europe is in our hands! Together we can share our ideas, debate the questions that matter and bring our voices together to shape the future of Europe for the better.

In 2021, the EU has launched a citizen consultation, the Conference on the Future of Europe, to host an inclusive debate and inform its future decisions. The #Progressives4Europe platform can bring our voices together for a stronger Europe and will ensure that you will be heard.

Sign up and join us to debate the future of Europe with citizens and other members of the progressive family, to unite in shaping our common future.

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How can we change attitudes to gender and LGBTI+ issues?

Share your experiences and ideas on how we could make Europe a more LGBTI+ friendly place in our new forum.

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In an interconnected world, Europe’s influence and the interests of its citizens don’t stop at its borders. Europe’s external partnerships and policies have a global impact and we need to consider…

Covid-19 has changed the face of our world, exposing what divides us but also bringing us together. But even as we tackle the virus, we must plan for how we can create a sustainable recovery. While…

The inequalities in Europe – between women and men, rich and poor, and even between regions – are holding us all back in building a fair, prosperous Europe. We need to make Europe work for everyone…

Our democracy is under threat, with an alarming rise in attacks on freedom of expression and the press in Europe, and right-wing governments undermining the rule of law and EU values. Any threat…

Scientists agree that we are facing an accelerating climate crisis and action has to be taken now to reduce the very real threats caused by global heating and the exploitation of our environment.…

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LIVE debates and events from across Europe

Check out our new events calendar to find out what's coming up. As the Conference on the Future of Europe takes off (and the pandemic allows!) we will be organising more events, online and in person so that we can speak directly to citizens, leading thinkers and policymakers to get to the heart of different topics. 

Want to get involved? You can also organise your own debates and post the photos and key conclusions on our site. Watch this space for more details...

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