This paper reflects the position of the S&D Group, as the most progressive and pro-European family in the European  Parliament,  on  the  constitutional  future  of  Europe.  It also intends  to  offer  a  first contribution –as regards  the  institutional  dimension –to the Conference  on  the  Future  of  Europe, expected to start in the autumn of 2020.

This exercise comes two decades after the launch of the last official  debate  on  the  future  of  Europe  (European  Council  of  Nice,  2000,followed  in  2001  by  the Laeken Declaration). We  believe  our  European  constitutional framework  requires an  update on its  contents  (policies), resources, decision-making (procedures)and democratic legitimacy, thus resulting in a stronger, more perfect political  union. These  three  dimensions  are  closely  connected,  since  we  realise  that  the implementation of our ambitious progressive agenda in the social and ecological fields depends also on more democratic and efficient decision-making at the European level. Some  of  these  improvements  can  be made within  the  Lisbon  Treaty, that  must  be  explored  to  the maximum, others require its reform.

In this regard, we are cognisant that crises are also opportunities for further European integration and sovereignty. This proposal will allow our Union, in a changed Europe and world, to focus on the big transnational challenges, such  as  inequalities,  pandemics,  climate  change,  migration,  digitalisation, terrorism and foreign affairs and security, among others, in full respect of the principle of subsidiarity and of a well-functioning  balance  between  national  and  European  competencies,  particularly  as  regards  national and  regional  roles  in  fields  like  education,  culture,  sports,  pensions,  etc.  An equally importance balance to preserve is the one between big and small member states. We reaffirm the great potential of engaging with the European citizens through the Conference on the Future  of  Europe,  as  an  open-ended  process  with  no  pre-defined  conclusions,  the primary  aim of which is to establish new ways of interaction and dialogue with a wide range of our society, in order to develop joint proposals for a better future in the EU.S&D

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