If all the bees in the world died, humans would (likely) not survive. Acting as exquisite little chemists, bees pollinate 84% of plant species and 76% of our food production is dependent on them. In other words: they keep plants and crops alive.
It’s our duty to protect them from harm, especially from pesticides that kill them by the millions and that can be traced in 75% of the honey produced worldwide.

The S&D voted this week in the European Parliament for banning those neonicotinoids and other dangerous substances that kill bees and threaten biodiversity. We demand stronger support for our beekeepers to tackle massive bee deaths, but also to bring down the “fake honey” business; a fraud that represents one third of the honey sold in the EU today. We want a proper labelling system for honey, specifying the country of origin and the blend ratio.

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S&D Pressekontakt

Martin De La Torre Victoria
President's spokesperson



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