What do we owe to social democracy?

150 years ago, Social Democrats tamed the first Industrial Revolution. By putting people first, we have built a unique society in Europe with free education for all,      because everyone deserves a good start into life, with decent wages and working standards, limiting work to five days a week and eight hours a day, because life is about much more than just work, with universal health care and a social safety net, because everyone needs a helping hand once in a while; and a pension, because everyone deserves a happy retirement at the end of their working lives.

We have the freedom to speak our mind and the right to vote. Unlike other parts of the world, there is no child labour, no torture, no death penalty.      However, our unique European way of life is under pressure. The digital revolution, automation, globalisation and climate change are turning societies and economies upside down, putting our hard-won rights into question.          

As Social Democrats, we can do it again: We can make this upheaval work for and not against us, by putting people first to protect and strengthen our unique European way of life. We are fighting for a better tomorrow for you and your children.   

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