Digitisation will bring new opportunities for European citizens in the form of new skills, jobs and economic growth.

At the same time, digitisation is disrupting traditional policy processes and business models.

Because of this, new laws will need to be developed primarily at EU level, in order to deal with the cross border nature of the digital ecosystem and economy.  The focus of the discussion will be on social and regional inequalities of the new era of digitisation.

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Registration deadline: Monday 25th January 2016 at 12h00

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Workshop I

How to overcome inequalities in Digital Europe with respect to employment, business  models, taxation and social security systems

Workshop II

What are the educational challenges of Digital Single Market? What kind of digital skills, organization of life-long education, media and cultural policies are need to overcome inequalities and prevent discrimination?

Workshop III

What kind of inclusive and accessible digital services does Europe need so that inequalities are reduced?

Workshop IV

E-democracy, e-elections, e-governance, e-participation: what are the opportunities and challenges at local, national and EU level? Which are the main opportunities and problems to be solved concerning inequality of access, protection of privacy, ensuring transparency etc.?

A detailed programme and more information on each workshop are attached below.

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