Relaunching Europe event in Bucharest on 21 October 2016.

On October 21st we’re joining our friends and followers in Bucharest for another inspiring, interesting and intriguing debate on Romania and its role in the European project.

How does a young professional manage to get a job in Romania? How hard is it to find the position you have studied for and go for it?

We know the young generation faces a series of difficult challenges now. We’re here to listen to you and to try to find answers to the questions of an entire generation. 

On October 21st, in Bucharest, we’ll be discussing a New Social Deal for the Youth.

Allan Pall, the European Youth Forum Secretary General, Laura Slimani, President of the Young European Socialists and Radu Magdin, CEO of Smartlink Communications, will join us for another engaging #RelaunchEU debate.

Challenges and opportunities, dos and don'ts, local and European perspectives - we’ll be debating all of these alongside Romanian specialists, local and international politicians and stakeholders.

The Socialists & Democrats Group president, Gianni Pittella, will be joining the debate and will try to answer all your questions regarding Romania’s future in the EU.

Your voice matters, so make it heard!

Registrations will open soon and the programme and more information will be available shortly on our Relaunching Europe website which can be found here

More information can also be found on our Facebook page here


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