Coming Back Stronger! - Ways forward for culture

Wednesday, 26 May 2021 - 10:00  to 12:00

Live streaming here: Coming Back Stronger : Livecasts

This event aims at exploring possibilities for an EU-wide approach to support the Cultural and Creative Sectors and Industries (CCSIs), with focus on ways to reactivate Europe’s cultural events and venues, following the official EU Commission communication, which states that the Commission will develop guidelines for festivals and other cultural venues and activities. Focusing on building solutions based on scientific evidence and concrete proposals, we aim at discussing a smooth and safe return to event (including international travel to and from events) and a coordinated approach based on common indicators, which will help lift restrictions while building confidence amongst audiences and visitors that opening is taking place in a responsible way. This will be essential for the survival of cultural and creative economies that have been particularly badly affected by the restrictions imposed to contain the pandemic. These sectors lost around 31% of its revenues in 2020, with performing arts (a drop of 90%) and live music (a drop of 76%) being the most impacted.

Online conference of 6 political  groups from the European Parliament on Cultural Recovery in Europe


- Opening  speech  by Sabine  Verheyen,  Chair of the Culture  and Education  Committee
- Introductory  remarks by Snezhina  Petrova,  Member  of Cabinet  of Commissioner  Mariya  Gabriel
- Keynote  speech by Paola  Leoncini·Bartoli,  Director for Cultural  Policies and Development  at  UNESCO
- Statements  by MEPs Alexis Georgoulis and  Andrey  Slabakov


- Panel  1:  How to  unlock  the sector?  Best  practices  and examples in Europe  moderated  by MEP  Laurence  Farreng
- Deeyah  Khan,  artist (TBC)
- Jordi Herreruela  Salas,  Director  of Festival  Cruilla  Barcelona
- Coralie  Berael,  Venue  Manager at  Forest  National
- Sebastien  Justine,  Director  of Les  Forces  Musicales and  President  of FEPS (Federation  Nationale  des  Employeurs du Spectacle Vivant  Public et  Prive)

11 :00

- Panel  2: What's next? The future of culture and  arts in  Europe moderated by MEP Salima Yenbou
- Jean-Noel Trone, Chair of the  board  of the Federation of European Authors' Societies (GESAC)
- Julia Pagel,  Secretary-General of the  Network  of European  Museum Organisations (NEMO)
- Prof Sergei  lgnatov,  Rector of European  Humanities  University, Vilnius
- Laura Houlgatte-Abbott, CEO,  International  Union of Cine,'.Yas {UNIC)

- Concluding  remarks by Frankowski and Fred  Matic

11 :45

- Live  Performance by Laura Crowe and  Him

Interpretation:  EN,  FR, ES,  BG

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Read the "Joint Declaration by EPP, S&D, Renew, the Greens/EFA, ECR and the Left in support of a strong culture comeback" here

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Programme: Cultural Recovery in Europe
Joint Declaration by EPP, S&D, Renew, the Greens/EFA, ECR and the Left in support of a strong culture comeback

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