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Call to Europe IX (10th June 2020): Action for Climate Justice - via Zoom
Call to Europe IX (11th June 2020): Action for Gender equality - via Zoom

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Welcome to the Call to Europe IX – version 2.0! Yes, that’s right – after an incredible line up of exciting conferences in Brussels, which became famous for being the most interactive, participatory events and after “Tour de Call to Europe” that connected debates across the EU – now, moving with the spirit of our times – Call to Europe goes on-line! And believe us, this is just a beginning of an exciting intellectual and political adventure - if YOU stay tuned in, we will keep YOU at the heart of the crucial progressive European debates until the conference that we will hold in FEPS new headquarters in December!

The leading topics

Designing this year’s edition, we have been determined to make our Call to Europe about something that is in the hearts and minds of everyone. We refer here to what has made us individually and collectively persevere through the COVID crisis with the conviction that a different, better tomorrow is a feasible plan. That is a strong belief in core values – solidarity and equality – and those are put as compass and reference points for the programme that is built out of two ideals to strive for: genderequality and climate justice.

Those two issues connect very strongly as the topics that in the midst of previous, financial crisis were put on hold. Back then, when Europe entered into the era of austerity, both suffered from cuts and were side-lined as sets of policies that “we couldn’t afford”. But they are not extras. They are in fact key in defining the well-being of individuals, in modernising our societies to become more egalitarian and in ensuring our policies are in line with the Paris agreement. That is why we consider them as leading issues for this year’s “Call to Europe” feeling the responsibility of making sure that a new Roadmap to Gender Equality and Green Deal are at the heart of all the post-COVID strategies for Europe. And that is precisely the message we want to articulate now in June, when diverse paths are under discussions and the proposal for the Multiannual Financial Framework is yet to arrive; and we will repeat our message in December – when we meet just a week ahead of the Summit.

In that effort, we hope you will join us – entering the debate, forming the proposals and enjoying the unique character of the “Call to Europe”. Your presence will mean a lot to us and we promise that if we can win your attention, we will do our utmost to hold it – engaging with you in an exciting pan-European adventure that plans to last for the 6 months ahead!

New in 2020

Call to Europe’s tradition is to bring up the issues of particular concern. It was the space to debate millennial’s and their attitudes towards politics; to address the challenge of multiculturalism and how we can gear solidarity amongst our communities; to mobilise for creating sustainability during rough times marked by austerity. The courage to tap on what the difficult issues are, the well-founded arguments echoing FEPS studies and the openness of the exchanges are the key ingredients to attract participation of the leading politicians and renowned academics, civil society and trade union leaders, as also activists and interested citizens. And they have never been disappointed taking part in Call to Europe unique format plenaries, highly interactive seminars or Dragon’s Den exercises.

This time will get even more exciting, as next to the debates we have prepared a whole set of accompanying activities, which will make our Call to Europe IX stand out from the multitude of all the other webinars or online conferences that one can follow these days. Offering here a little spoiler, we can share that should you step in our virtual conference venue, you will not only connect with speakers and other participants there – but will also take a virtual journey to Europe’s diverse cities!


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