Our tax system in Europe is broken.  Ordinary taxpayers have paid dearly for the irresponsible gambles of greedy bankers, while for the richest few paying tax can be carefully avoided. Too many big corporations and rich individuals are getting away with exploiting legal loopholes, shopping around for the most favourable jurisdictions and hiding money offshore in tax havens - as the #LuxLeaks scandal has shown. These shady practices are creating vast inequalities in our societies and draining the public purse of the vital contributions we need to relaunch Europe's economy and finance the services European citizens deserve. Across Europe, governments have raised tax levels for ordinary citizens and cut spending on hospitals, education and public services - tax deals for big companies are just no longer morally acceptable.
So what can be done? We believe the EU must work together to clamp down on tax fraud, close legal loopholes and tax havens, and improve transparency and cross-border co-operation to end the banking secrecy that lets the fraudsters and dodgy dealers get away with it.  In addition, we want to see fair taxes such as the financial transaction tax so that the bankers and institutions that caused the crisis make a fair contribution to society. We have long campaigned to get these issues tackled - and with your support we can do it!  It's time for #TaxJustice! 

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