The EU Green Deal working for Africa. Can the EU Green Deal help improve Africa?

00:00 Introduction
00:21 Europe's responsibility to help Africa cope with the Climate Crisis.
02:41 Should Africa be able to benefit from cheap fossil fuels as Europe did in the past?
03:50 What does the Eu Green Deal mean for Africa?
05:19 How receptive are African leaders to these ideas?
06:39 How to prevent EU companies outsourcing their emissions to Africa?
08:28 Pushing for legislation to regulate the way companies behave in other parts of the world?
09:14 On migration, how can we trust the EU to do the right thing?
10:36 How are countries like Italy and Greece going to tow the line on migration?

Interview of Frans Timmermans by journalist Simon Allison, on the impact of climate change on EU - Africa relations and how the EU Green Deal offers new perspectives for both. This interview was recorded in the context of the Africa Week 2020, organised by the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament.

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