Weekly Update - 27/11/2015

Weekly Update - 14 to 18 March 2016

Quote of the week

"We must not be afraid of terrorism. This continent's history, strength & resources shall overcome these fanatics" - Gianni Pittella



After another busy Strasbourg, we're back to Brussels next week with committees and a mini plenary to look forward to. 

Last week we were very proud to get some real progress on #TaxJustice in Europe. Watch our new video to see what has been achieved.

All eyes will be on Paris this week as heads of state arrive in Paris on Tuesday to begin the much-anticipated COP21 climate talks. There are high hopes for ambitious agreements this time and the S&Ds will be sending MEPs Kathleen Van Brempt, Matthias Groote, Gilles Pargneaux and Miriam Dalli to push for legally binding and ambitious emission reduction targets, as well as solid financial instruments to achieve those goals.

We're hoping to see practical and sustainable solutions coming out of the EU-Turkey summit on Sunday – particularly on the fight against Daesh – and will be following developments closely. 

Due to the current security situation in Brussels, we regret to announce that our S&D Africa Week events planned for next week have been postponed to spring 2016. New dates will be announced soon. We apologise for the inconvenience and hope you can join us in the spring.

Coming up the week after, we'll have a seminar on one of the most crucial issues for the European project: the Free Movement of Workers. Taking place on Wednesday 9 December, experts and trade union representatives will join us from all over Europe and we hope to have a lively and enlightening discussion. Register or find out more here 

And to mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women this week, here are some of our MEPs to remind us what is at stake.