Pittella at the S&D demonstration: No more walls in Europe. Let's defend Schengen to save EU

Pittella at the S&D demonstration: No more walls in Europe. Let's defend Schengen to save EU, Pittella, Dublin agreement, asylum, migration, refugees,

Following the demonstration organized today in Brussels by the S&D Group to loudly proclaim our demand for 'No more walls in Europe', president Gianni Pittella pointed out that it is everyone's duty to be involved in the battle to save Europe. He stated that this crisis represents a threat, not only to the EU as a set of institutions, but, far more importantly, to Europe as a project for future generations.

Ahead of the Council summit taking place in Brussels tomorrow, Pittella said:

"The agreement with Turkey is important, but not at any cost. Europe will not be saved by Ankara. We have to save ourselves by finally implementing the relocation system, reinforcing Schengen and by reviewing the Dublin agreement. Infringement procedures should be brought against those member states that do not comply with the decisions adopted on the refugees relocation system; in the same way these procedures are utilised when fiscal discipline is at stake. The existence of the European Union itself is at stake.

"We believe that the agreement with Turkey constitutes a positive step. However, human rights such as press freedom or minority rights are non-negotiable and we will not sell them off. In order to keep the accession talks open, Turkey should also fully apply the Ankara Protocol recognising the Republic of Cyprus. With this Council summit, the third in the space of a month, we finally expect a decisive outcome that could tear down walls and build a new Europe based on solidarity and responsibility."

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Gianni Pittella's speech at the Demonstration (EN)