Medium-sized combustion plants in the EU will also reduce harmful emissions, as requested by S&Ds

Medium-size combustion plants in the EU will also reduce harmful emissions, as requested by S&Ds, clean air legislation, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and dust, environment, Climate change, Carbon monoxide emissions, Massimo Paolucci, Matthias Groote, C

The European Union will soon fill a gap in its clean air legislation in the combustion sector with a new directive to limit the emissions of certain pollutants. There are already two directives for small and big plants, but the new directive passed today by the European Parliament sets emission limit values for sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and dust in new and existing medium-sized combustion plants (between 1 and 50 MW). 

S&D shadow rapporteur, Massimo Paolucci MEP, said:

"Poor air quality is a serious threat to health and to the environment. If we want to be effective in improving it we must reduce pollution at source. For this directive we have promoted compliance with existing air quality rules and pushed for maintaining tough emission limit values.

"Carbon monoxide emissions will also be monitored thus providing the Commission with useful data for new legislative proposals while member states will be obliged to assess the need for stricter emission limit values in zones not complying with EU air quality standards."

S&D spokesperson on the environment, Matthias Groote, said:

"With this legislation we will tackle air pollution in the European Union by closing an existing legislative gap for medium combustion plants. It will reduce risks to human health and prevent numerous premature deaths. Furthermore, a review clause ensures that legislators have the possibility to restrict emission levels in the future.

"We also create synergies between air quality regulation and the overall EU policies to fight climate change through the reduction of overall emissions. Ahead of the important COP 21 summit in Paris, it's important to shape a credible EU climate policy that is mainstreamed in all legislation, combined with a strategy to remain globally competitive and build an industry with a strong emphasis on sustainability and innovation."